GodFather Movie Review: This Chiranjeevi starrer is a pack of power games and whistle-worthy moments

GodFather, a film starring Chiranjeevi, review Director Mohan Raja made a suggestion that he didn’t like the Malayalam version of the original “Lucifer” in a pre-release interview. After witnessing “Godfather,” which was released today in Telugu and Hindi theatres, it would appear that the comment was made from a place of clarity and conviction.


How it all started

PKR, the chief minister, has died. When internal power struggles arise as a result of an unexpected MLA uprising, his daughter Sathyapriya Jaidev (Nayanthara) and her husband Jaidev (Satyadev Kancharana) have their own succession plans in place. Jaidev, who already works closely with a drug lord, wants to take over as chief minister.

In this equation, Brahma (Chiranjeevi) is an outsider. He was a strong man with PKR ties, but things take a dangerous turn when he enters the political equation and becomes Jaidev’s fiercest competitor.

surpasses the Mollywood original in scope.


In “Lucifer,” Stephen Nedumpally’s (Mohanlal’s) enigmatic past was employed to create a glamorous aura around his persona. The way that Brahma enters the political arena is determined by the considerable adjustments that “Godfather” makes while still borrowing from the model. Only if you take into account the possibilities of Stephen’s past would the Malayalam translation appear plausible. Otherwise, his omnipotence and capacity to stop any evil from interfering with the State or trying to do so would appear utterly ridiculous.

However, in “Godfather,” the influence MLAs have within the ruling party gives the power struggles a more realistic feel. Again, Brahma’s exploits and daredevilry come from the original version of his backstory.

Brahma’s prison suit has the number “786” in homage to Chiru’s 1988 hit song “Khaidi No. 786.” After a lacklustre performance in “Acharya,” the actor is fantastic here. In the part of a ruthless, power-hungry criminal, Satyadev turns in an award-winning performance. Manju Warrier, Nayanthara’s counterpart in “Lucifer,” is not the same person. It’s time for Murali Sharma to shed his “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo” demeanour. He hasn’t been reduced to a one-dimensional yes man, though.

Only if you are convinced that Brahma is a spine-chilling gangster-like character who can influence powerful men to perform the most terrifying things, does Salman Khan’s job.

The Bollywood celebrity enters as directed by the screenplay. He increases the number of whistling-worthy scenes in the movie.With honesty, Puri Jagannadh portrays a whistleblower. Divi Vadthya and Tanya Ravichandran are friends.

The allure of “masala” film

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The unbridled enjoyment of action scenes, at times, is what elevates Telugu cinema above the competition. Chiru is given the opportunity to look confident while maintaining his style quotient in fights mounted by stunt Silva and the Ram-Lakshman team. Consider the action sequence from the original in which a bad guy brandishing a gun puts it towards Stephen’s forehead. The next move appeared overly simple. Such moments in “Godfather” are either left out or adjusted to provide a better experience.

After “Bheemla Nayak” and “Akhanda,” Thaman doesn’t really start a new soundscape; he may be too worn out for that. But to some extent, the BGM functions. The images of Nirav Shan are calculated.

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