Goa Politics: Political movements increase in Goa; 8 Congress MLAs will join BJP?

Keskar, Dinesh: Goa Politics: Eight Congress MLAs are set to defect to the BJP, dealing a significant blow to the party there. Sadanand Tanavade, the president of the BJP in Goa, has asserted that 8 Congress legislators will defect to the party.

Elections for Goa’s 40 assembly seats took place in February of this year. In the state, the BJP has 25 MLAs while the Congress has 11 MLAs. Of those 11 MLAs, the BJP claims that 8 MLAs will switch parties.

Goa Politics

Digambar Kamat, Michael Lobo, Rajesh Phaldesai, Kedar Naik, Sankalp Amnokar, Alexio Sequeira, and Rudolph Fernandes are a few among them. While the Congress is conducting its nationwide Bharat Jodo Yatra, the BJP has dealt the Congress a significant setback. Digambar Kamat, a former chief minister, is one of the MLAs joining the BJP. Digambar Kamat is regarded as a significant Congress figure in Goa.

Where is the Goa Legislative Assembly at this time?

The Goa Legislative Assembly is made up of 40 members in total. In February of this year, elections for the local assembly were place. It is supported by 25 BJP and NDA MLAs. 11 MLAs serve in Congress. Eight out of the eleven Congress MLAs have since joined the BJP, according to the state head of the party.

Who is MLA?

  1. Michael Lobo (Former Opposition Leader)
  2. Digambar Kamat,
  3. Dilayala Lobo,
  4. Rajesh Phaldesai,
  5. Rudalf Fernandes,
  6. Alex Sequeira,
  7. Kedar Naik,
  8. Sankalp Amonkar

The BJP will gain these eight MLAs. Congress legislators have begun visiting Vidhan Bhava.

Evening press conference for the BJP

A joint news conference between Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Goa BJP President Sadanand Tanawade is anticipated, according to the recently acquired information. According to reports, the Prohibition of Defection Act would not apply to the 8 out of 11 Congress MLAs who will join the BJP, and they will combine with the party. It is anticipated that some of these MLAs would receive government positions.

Does Operation Lotus attempt even in July?

It would be a victory for Operation Lotus in Goa if 8 Congress MLAs joined the BJP today. The BJP attempted to suffocate Congress MLAs even in the month of July. Five out of the eleven MLAs were rumored to be joining the BJP at the moment. However, Congress quickly displayed vigilance and prevented the leak. The Congress MLAs Digambar Kamat, Michael Lobo, Rajesh Faldesai, Kedar Naik, and Dalila Lobo were rumored to be planning a coup at the time. Michael Lobo was demoted from his position as Leader of the Opposition by Congress after being charged with anti-party activity.

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