Electricity bill scam: Scammers will empty your account by sending a message, be careful

In India, there are more and more instances of cybercrime every day. 4,047 cases of online banking fraud, 2,160 cases of ATM fraud, 1,194 cases of credit/debit card fraud, and 1,093 cases of OTP fraud were reported in India, according to the NCRB. Another con that has deceived hundreds of individuals across the nation so far has now surfaced. Via the most recent scam, con artists send links in SMS messages to victims, telling them that their electricity bills are overdue and that they must click the links to pay them.

Electricity bill scam

The scam has been going on for many months

Since several months ago, fraudsters have been defrauding subscribers of their electricity bills, and they have been successful in taking over their bank accounts.
Let us warn you that these scams are a serious concern for smartphone users.
According to a recent story, the scammers were detained in a district of Jharkhand by cybercrime police.
However, it does not follow that they won’t occur again. Links distributed over text messages or WhatsApp should never be clicked.

Authorities on cybercrime claim that Jamtara in Jharkhand was the source of the electricity bill scam. These con artists accessed people’s phones and sent text messages telling them to pay their overdue electricity payments right away.
According to reports, the gang first approached SIM card sellers to buy large quantities of SIM cards so they could send scanned messages to victims. After that, these con artists opened a bank account to accept the bogus funds. They then sent messages to consumers reminding them to settle their outstanding electricity bills.

Most consumers who received the fraudulent message were informed that their energy would be turned off tonight since their bill from last month had not been updated. To make a bill payment, kindly click the following link.

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