Earthquake: The havoc of nature was seen in China-Taiwan-Afghanistan, the earth shook in September

Earthquake In many nations around the world during the month of September, earthquakes were a sign of nature’s wrath. People have died as a result of the earthquake in various nations, including China and Afghanistan.


Earthquakes in numerous nations, including China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Afghanistan, wreaked devastating devastation in September. Strong earthquake vibrations have been felt recently in a number of nations worldwide. Consequently, there was a significant loss of life and property. The areas of this earthquake that were most affected were Taiwan and the Chinese province of Sichuan. 90 people have now died as a result of the earthquake in China. Three times in one day, Taiwan experienced simultaneous, powerful earthquake vibrations. There were several destroyed structures and gaps between the roads. In addition to this, numerous bridges have been destroyed throughout this time.

China suffered 93 fatalities.

On September 5, Luding County in China’s Sichuan province experienced strong earthquake vibrations. China was completely shaken by a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc in the province of Sichuan. A total of 93 individuals perished in the 6.8-magnitude earthquake, and 25 are still missing.

Afghanistan saw 8 fatalities.


Strong earthquake tremors were felt in various Afghan districts on September 5. On the Richter scale, the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.3. In northeastern Afghanistan, an earthquake claimed at least eight lives.

Papua New Guinea earthquake results in 4 fatalities

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Papua New Guinea resulted in four fatalities and numerous critical injuries. Both Madang Province and Morobe Province felt the effects of the earthquake. The earthquake damaged homes, hospitals, rural roads, and highways.

the earthquake caused a building to collapse, and a train derailed


Within a 24-hour period, Taiwan saw three consecutively strong earthquake earthquakes. Taiwan was hit by an earthquake with magnitudes 6.8, 6.4, and 7.2. The magnitude of this earthquake’s shocks caused damage to numerous buildings. Additionally, the train derailed as a result of the earthquake’s shocks, and the roadways also developed cracks at this time.

Mexico saw one fatality

Mexico experienced significant earthquake vibrations on Monday. The earthquake had a Richter scale magnitude of 7.5. The earthquake’s shocks caused a wall to collapse, killing one person. In addition to this, numerous Mexican cities lost their energy.

Let us inform you that earthquake vibrations have been felt recently in various nations, including Japan, Myanmar, and India. There haven’t been any casualties throughout this time, though.

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