Comparing So Ji Sub’s memorable performances in the films “I’m Sorry, I Love You” and “Oh My Venus”

As we analyze So Ji Sub’s outstanding acting in his two most well-known dramas, I’m Sorry, I Love You, and Oh My Venus, let’s celebrate So Ji Sub’s birthday.

Actor Ji Sub is from South Korea. He began his career as a jeans model before breaking into the entertainment industry. He rose to fame for his leading roles in the television series What Happened in Bali (2004), I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004), Cain and Abel (2009), Phantom (2012), Master’s Sun (2013), and Oh My Venus (2015–16), as well as the movie Rough Cut (2008). Ji Sub has also put out a number of hip-hop EPs.

Ji Sub

I’m Sorry, I Love You, starring So Ji Sub

Drama then ensues. Cha Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sub) is a part-time con artist operating on Australia’s streets. He was raised by a couple in Australia after his parents abandoned him as a child. But because his foster parents mistreated him, he wandered the streets and conned unsuspecting tourists out of their money. He encounters Song Eun Chae as a result of one of these con games (I’m Soo Jung). Choi Yoon, a well-known Korean musician, has known Eun Chae since they were young children (Jung Kyung Ho). She puts Yoon at the center of her existence and tries her hardest to win his favor. To conduct a picture session with another, Yoon travels to Melbourne, Australia.

Yoon Choi (Jung Kyung Ho). She makes every effort to get Yoon’s approval since she views him as the center of her life. Yoon travels to Melbourne, Australia, to take part in a photo session with Kang Min Joo, another well-known Korean actress. Yoon requests that Eun Chae help him get close to Min-Joo. Eun-Chae does it despite the fact that it hurts her. The same gang of thieves who stole Moo Hyuk’s money and luggage one day also stole Eun Chae’s belongings.

Ji Sub

She wanders the streets, exhausted, hungry, and helpless until she runs upon Moo Hyuk. Touched by her suffering, he manages to track down the items his group took and returns them to her. When she gets back to Korea, Min Joo and Yoon, who is now dating, run into her. A few weeks later, Moo Hyuk gets a wedding invitation from his ex-girlfriend. He gets unintentionally shot twice in the head during the wedding as someone tries to kill his ex-spouse. girlfriend’s While saving him, the doctor is only able to extract one bullet. It is impossible to medically remove the remaining bullet because it is too firmly embedded. He only has a year to live, and it’s killing him.

His ex-girlfriend advises him to return to his native Korea to look for his birth parents after feeling guilty and giving him a stockpile of cash. When he does, he learns that Audrey, a well-known Korean actress, is his mother. Choi Yoon is her son, and the public adores both mother and son. Because of how well his mother is doing in life, Moo Hyuk can’t help but feel betrayed because he was suffering and had not had long to live. In order to exact his vengeance, he becomes close to Yoon and eventually becomes his road manager. While hatching plans to destroy Yoon and his mother, he also develops feelings for Eun Chae. Finding out that his mother did not abandon him, Moo Hyuk.

In order to give away Moo Hyuk and his twin sister as soon as they were born, Audrey’s parents gave Eun Chae’s father (at the time Audrey’s driver) instructions. Moo Hyuk’s mother had an affair with a married man. Audrey was only informed that her child had passed away; she was unaware that she had given birth to twins. The Father of Eun Chae believed he was “protecting” Audrey’s reputation. In honour of her son, Audrey adopted Yoon. The father of Eun Chae admits the truth and informs him that he is ready to take any penalty. Eun Chae’s father is informed by Moo Hyuk that he would eventually be punished.

Ji Sub

Ji Sub did a remarkable job in this drama of portraying the character in the best light despite the character’s many difficulties. He did a fantastic job of portraying the unedited feelings that he had during the drama, which was one of the factors in its success.

In Oh My Venus, So Ji Sub

Hollywood celebrities use Kim Young Ho, sometimes known as John Kim (So Ji Sub), as their personal trainer. Despite the prosperity of his family, Young-upbringing ho’s was marred by a terrible illness. But he thinks the best way to survive is to lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in exercise. He utilizes this as an escape from his familial problems. His concern for his granny and fear of his father. He’s on the run back to Korea after an actress was involved in a Hollywood scandal. In her teen years, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) was an ulzzang (popular person), semi-famous for her attractive face and desirable body. She is a lawyer now, 33 years old, and has put on a lot of weight since then. She faints during a flight.

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John Kim, the lone medical staff member on the flight, assumes control as they return to Korea. Even when they go home, he keeps an eye out for her. After I’m Woo Shik (Jung Gyu Woon), her boyfriend, dumps her, she realizes she has the press pass for John Kim and uses blackmail to persuade him to assist her in losing weight.

Ji Sub

She learns that Young Ho has a penchant for portraying himself as a hero in shining armor. After a stalking incident and the necessity to raise money for her brother’s wedding, she sells her apartment and moves in with him, Ji Woong, and Joon Sung (Korean Snake). Both parties learn they have deeper feelings for one another than they will initially admit as they work on her physical metamorphosis. As they get to know one another better, they start to mend each other’s emotional wounds and finally fall in love, but then Kim Young Ho suffers a catastrophe that makes his future uncertain. In this scene, So Ji Sub plays a cool, collected character who is also very attractive. His mature personality is a sharp contrast to his earlier personas, yet it works for him.

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