CID Actress Megha Gupta gave such bold poses on the bed, seeing the fans were blown away

Actress Megha Gupta of CID The popular detective program “CID” on television has won over the audience’s favor. The program has long enjoyed suspenseful and thrilling stories. Along with its stories, “CID’s” artists are all well-liked by its audience. Even today, everyone has a huge fan base, whether it be ACP Pradyumna or Daya. However, there is one performer on this show who is still spoken about more for her sex and bravado than for her performance. Megha Gupta is the actress who portrays the Inspector in “CID.” In the meantime, a provocative image of Megha is going viral online.

Hot poses on the bed

Along with acting, CID Inspector Megha Gupta is very active on social media. She frequently posts her sexy images. Megha has since uploaded her most recent photo to Instagram.

CID Actress Megha Gupta

She can be seen sitting on the bed in this image. The actress is simply wearing a shirt, and she is posing with the button left undone. Megha is blowing the fans’ minds with her style at this time.

Takes full care of fitness too

Megha Gupta gives her fitness the utmost attention. No matter how busy she is with her job, she always remembers to stay in shape. She frequently continues to share her exercise photos and videos with her followers. Megha encourages the audience to maintain their fitness together with herself. Megha Gupta has had appearances in Savdhaan India, Code Red, and MTV Big F in addition to CID.

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