Chiranjeevi reacts to Ram Charan’s scope of winning Oscars for RRR: ‘Proud moment for me

Chiranjeevi responds to Ram Charan’s potential Oscar success with RRR
Chiranjeevi is now in Mumbai for promotional purposes as he prepares for the big premiere of his next movie, GodFather. Salman Khan and the megastar both showed up to the press conference in Mumbai. Ram Charan’s potential to win the Best Actor Oscar for RRR was discussed during the event.

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When Ram Charan was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars, Chiranjeevi reacted by saying, “It’s a proud time for me. I am very content. When those days finally arrived, it was misery. And it’s not just Charan’s fault. This is a team effort. Rajamouli, the director, made an effort to draw attention by hitting the target. It even has a chance of winning an Oscar; for me, this is a truly proud occasion.

Chiranjeevis Greed May Risk Charans Future

RRR has received nominations for the 2023 Academy Awards in two categories, according to Variety’s predictions. Additionally, Jr. NTR and Ram Charan are recognized on the projected list as Best Actor nominees. The Academy has yet to release its final list of nominees, but it will do so in the upcoming months.

In the periodic movie, Ram Charan portrayed the part of Alluri Sitarama Raju, and it not only blew up at the Indian box office but also in the eyes of the western media.

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