Why Do Cats Hate Water? 6 Reasons Your Cat Doesn’t Like Getting Wet

Cats Hate Water

Cats, for the most part, steer clear of the water. We enquired about the aversion from vets. Why do cats detest water but their larger cousins, such as the tiger, bobcat, and leopard, don’t mind dipping in to cool off or catch prey, doesn’t seem to make sense? Although experts and veterinarians are unsure, it … Read more

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?


There are a few reasons why cats adore plain cardboard boxes, but adults over the age of six don’t find them particularly appealing. You have to put up with a wide range of extremely cute and very strange cat behaviors if you live with a cat. Cats napping on us: adorable. Weird, cats love laptops. … Read more

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other? The Common Grooming Behavior, Explained


It’s not only about getting their feline siblings purr-perfectly clean when cats lick each other.Your cats are at it again, snuggled up and licking each other when they’re not lounging by a window or napping all day. Those feline kisses can be extremely sweet one moment and almost compulsive the next. It’s undoubtedly one of … Read more