BTS’ V gets tattooed on his butt cheek? Kim Taehyung teases fans about his solo album and more

The BTS Army, or member V, is renowned for pulling practical jokes and having a good time. He went ahead and tried out the live broadcast feature on the Reverse platform for fan communities on September 25. Even though the live session was brief, it was enough to leave fans curious about the star’s whereabouts. He quickly reacted to several of the fans’ remarks asking about his personal life.

BTS Army,

When questioned about the location of the friendship tattoo that the seven members received in honor of their 9th debut anniversary, which also signaled the beginning of the second chapter of BTS, the seven members replied. The fans are even more interested because SUGA and V have yet to announce where their “7” tattoo is located or show any pictures of it. V baited the audience by claiming that his left butt cheek is where his tattoo with the number “7” is located. The supporters continued to chuckle and express shock at his secrecy as a result of this.

BTS Army,

Following this, a fan soon inquired about V’s much-anticipated debut solo album, on which he has apparently been working for a while after previously teasing the tracks. Even though there are constant rumors regarding the songs and the upcoming solo debut, the musician has admitted that he has started from scratch on everything because he threw out all of his previously made tracks. In addition to expressing his distress, V also remarked how this had completely altered his night and day.

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