BTS: MIC debut for J-Hope of BTS The third teaser shows a drop step for Crush’s Rush Hour music video.

A once-in-a-lifetime collaboration is in the works as soloist Crush teams up with J-Hope, a member of BTS and the group’s first official solo debutant. As was previously revealed, the two will collaborate on their first-ever digital single, “Rush Hour,” which will also serve as a significant production for his upcoming fourth mini-album, “With Her.”


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The two can be seen dancing in front of a coffee shop called “Crush Hour” in the recently released teaser video for the song, which is an appropriate homage to the singer and the title, which is also what can be heard on the chorus.

Fans with keen eyes noticed that Crush appeared to borrow a trademark stride from another song by the legendary septet. J-Hope is shown executing a move from BTS’ 2017 single “MIC Drop.” Fans were over the moon about the addition, which they dubbed the “Did you see my bag” step. Crush can be seen emulating the original dance motion, and if this is any indication, “Rush Hour” will be a huge hit.

The BTS member made an appearance as a guest on the first episode of Crush’s new talk show, which he had previously teased. Talk of their ride in the days preceding up to the release turns into a hint of their teamwork and their long-standing relationship. ‘Rush Hour’ by Crush, starring and containing J-Hope of BTS, is scheduled to debut on September 22 at 6 PM KST (2:30 pm IST).

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