Box office receipts for Kantara: Biggest fifth week in India, surpassing Baahubali 2; tops 300 crores globally

By defeating the great Baahubali 2, Kantara broke the record for the biggest fifth week at the Indian box office. The movie made approximately Rs. 65 crores in its fifth week of release, a decrease of less than 10% from the week before, as opposed to Baahubali 2’s Rs. 40 crores. The movie has made a total of 275 crores rupees at the box office and is quickly approaching 300 crores and beyond. With $3.50 million coming from abroad, it has achieved global triple-digit box office success, with an estimated international box office revenue of Rs. 303 crores.


With the fifth week of the run declining less than 10% from the previous week, which was helped by the Diwali holidays on weekdays, it is still impossible to predict where the movie will end. It will easily surpass the Rs. 300 crore mark and possibly even reach Rs. 350 crores, surpassing Ponniyin Selvan on the way to becoming the third-highest-grossing film in India for the year.

The following table details Kantara’s box office earnings in India:

26.75 crores were made in Week One.
Two weeks: Rs. 37.25 crores
Week Three: 75 crores of rupees
Week Four: 70.75 crores of rupees

Friday the fifth: Rs. 8.25 crores
Saturday the fifth: Rs. 13 crores

  1. Sunday: 14.50 crores of rupees
  2. Monday: 7.50 crores of rupees
    Tuesday the fifth: Rs. 9.50 crores
    Wednesday the fifth – Rs. 6 crores
    Thursday the fifth – Rs. 6 crores

Total: Rs. 274.50 billion

Kantara, among other milestones, has surpassed Rs. 150 crores in Karnataka, making history as only the second movie to do so after KGF 2. It is currently just Rs. 22 crores from becoming the highest-grossing film, which it will probably do. With 80 lakh footfalls to date throughout the state, it has surpassed KGF 2’s footfall total. Before the year began, it was unthinkable that any movie would even get near to KGF 2 in Karnataka, much less surpass it, and in this case, this movie has achieved the impossible.


In other news, the Hindi version of the movie earned Rs. 23.50 crores in its third week of release, bringing its total to Rs. 59 crores. With 45 crores in three weeks, Telugu states have now surpassed the 50 crore barrier.

Following is a breakdown of Kantara’s box office receipts by region:

Karnataka: 150 crores of rupees
TS and AP – 45 crores
Tamil Nadu: 7 crores rupees
Kerala: 10.50 crores of rupees
North India: 62 crores of rupees

Total: 274.50 crores of rupees

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