Box office earnings for Kantara, starring Rishab Shetty, increase on Second Friday

The second Friday box office take for Kantara was amazing at Rs. 4 crores. The second Friday of the movie was 2.5 times as popular as the first, which is incredibly unusual in India.


With an estimated box office total of Rs. 4 crores on its second Friday, the Kannada film Kantara had an outstanding second Friday at the Indian box office as its receipts increased from the day before. The second Friday of the movie was 2.5 times as popular as the first, which is incredibly unusual in India. Bangalore city was the primary source of the increase in revenues, with the remainder of the state seeing either no change from Thursday or similar results. In all of Karnataka, the movie is performing well, but South Canara is simply out of this world.

Despite having substantially cheaper ticket rates, the movie is presently outpacing KGF Chapter 2 in daily receipts in the area. Kantara made a total of 29 crores at the Indian box office, of which Rs. 28.50 crores came from Karnataka.

A weekend of at least Rs. 16 crores can typically be anticipated with a Friday of Rs. 4 crores, but it’s probable that the picture could experience capacity issues today and tomorrow in Karnataka, which could slightly curtail the rise. This implies that demand will flow over into the workdays, keeping them at high levels as well. The movie may go anywhere when you have this kind of trend in your possession. The movie should easily surpass the Rs. 50 crore barrier and reach Rs. 60 crores, possibly as early as the second week. The current goal is to see whether it can reach Rs. 70 crores or more.

The following table details Kantara’s box office earnings in India:

Week One: 25 crores of rupees
Second Friday: 4 crores

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Kantara Total – Rs. 29 crores

In almost all markets, the second weekend is anticipated to be higher than the first weekend sales for Kantara, which is also picking up steam internationally. The movie made more money on its second Friday in the USA and Australia than it did on its first day of release. The first week’s international earnings were $425K (Rs. 3.50 crores), and by the end of the second weekend, they should have risen to over $700K (Rs.

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