Blogger /national park tripper GABBY PETITO was dead by strangled.

The young blogger gabby petitio is only 22 years old.his death mystery was solved. dr. corner bent blue said, she strangled.
                             A few months before the couple gabby petito and his fiance Brian laundries goes to the national park trip. but 3-4 weeks before she was missing. and his body was found on 20 September from the outside side in the forest.

       She had a blogging”van life” trip through the national park in the American west on social media.

On Tuesday Ms Petito’s body was found outside of the forest near the camp area. declared by Dr corner in a news conference. her fiance may be involved in this case but he is also missing since mid-September. Dr.corner did not disclose her toxicology report, but they declared, she was not pregnant at the time of death.

“According to the FBI’s national crime information Centre, nearly 90,000 missing person cases were actively ongoing at the end of 2020, though few receive national attention.”

About Gabby Petito: Ms petito plans to road trip from her home long island, new york, with his fiance Mr.laundry had been blogging about the trip on social media.
They both travelling for several weeks. after that Mr.laundry returned home to Florida alone with their white van on 1 Sep. he did not inform the police or gabby’s family of his returns.
On 12th August police in southern Utah town near some Moab violence incidents and couples are involved.
Ms Petito’s family reported missing her on Sep 11.

Brian laundrie: he is the only person who knows everything about gabby.his parents say he left for a hike in September and never came back.
Police do not charge with crimes relating ms Petito’s killing. police and fbi searching 24,000-acre county parks in Florida with police dogs, drones, and all-terrain vehicles.
The FBI issued a federal arrest warrant, charging him for frauding petito’s  debit card.

But currently, brian is still missing and when he is the cached officer will address the pending fraud charge against him.

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