Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Faima accuses Rajasekhar of making comments about Inaya’s skin tone and Inaya’s affection on Surya

In an entertaining episode, the housemates came together to celebrate Bigg Boss’ birthday.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6

Vasanthi and Marina tried to frighten the housemates by masquerading as ghosts at midnight in the first scene of the most recent Bigg Boss Telugu 6 show, which was hosted by Nagarjuna. Four of the housemates were sent a cake, and Bigg Boss instructed them to choose who among them would get to eat it. Bigg Boss brought back the cake since the contestants waited too long to discuss the voting.

Revanth and Inaya agree that the voting process prevents everyone in the house from having an equal chance. Surya entered Aparichithudu mood and amused the other residents. Rajsekhar apologised after Faima accused him of making fun of her skin tone.

In order to win a cake, Bigg Boss brought Inaya into the confessional and asked her to disclose some fascinating news. She admitted that she has a crush on Surya and that she felt protective when he was near Aarohi. She also discussed the recent closeness between Vasanthi and Arjun Kalyan.

For their lunch, Bigg Boss also provided chopsticks. Inaya became emotional while telling Bigg Boss how her housemates discriminate against her in every way and refused to let her eat cake. She was given a cake by Bigg Boss to consume in the confessional. is a part of the Bigg Boss festivities. Revanth sang a song, and Faima performed some amusing competitor sketches.

Bigg Boss gave the orders for Srihan and Chanti to get waxed. Bigg Boss instructed Inaya to dub for Srihan because he was yelling throughout the waxing process.

Promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 today

The latest Bigg Boss Telugu 6 promo has passionate housemates who express their wishes to Bigg Boss. Srihan breaks down in tears while talking to his fiancée in the video, while Suriya can be heard discussing his father.

The candidates for eviction are Marina, Inaya, Vasanthi, Arjun, Adi Reddy, Faima, Baladitya, and Chanti. In the Nagarjuna-hosted weekend programme this week, one of the nominated candidates will leave the house.

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