Bigg Boss: 16 years on, what makes the Salman Khan show so popular and appealing to Indian masses?

The start of Bigg Boss 16 is just a few hours away. It’s ideal for the reality program to run for three to four months, giving devoted viewers a quarter of the year to follow the lives of celebrities who are confined to a house. They certainly don’t appear to mind. If not for its successful runs over the years, we would not have had the 16th season. Even though some seasons are more popular than others, the audience continues to eagerly await new episodes in the hopes of finding some enjoyment. But I’m intrigued about this. What makes Bigg Boss so popular with the general public? Where do its allure and magnetism lie? Let’s look around, shall we?

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is the pinnacle of voyeurism. The set this year has a circus motif, which, in my opinion, is perfectly appropriate considering the reality show’s format. Consider the scenario when individuals are confined to a home with no access to the outside world. Even the time of day is beyond their comprehension. The rules for the numerous games the competitors are required to play are set by the show’s ringmaster, Bigg Boss. With over 100 cameras following them at all times, these famous contenders eventually let down their guard and start to shine. As they watch these contestants with hypervigilant eyes as they learn to accept, tolerate, or even form friendships with their fellow roommates, hundreds of thousands of viewers find amusement at their cost.

These are people who they have admired or perhaps even loathed because of their on-screen personas. They suddenly change from being far-off figures to being actual individuals as they come to understand their humanity. They wake up with puffy eyes, brush their teeth, prepare meals, argue over the food supply, and do the dishes as viewers watch. They occasionally see two (or more) people fall in love. When else would Bigg Boss viewers get the chance to attentively observe and, more crucially, evaluate random human behavior?

In a bizarre but understandable way, individuals identify with the contestants on some level. While some viewers identify with a celebrity, others loathe them. As a result, numerous fan groups have developed on social media that are prepared to engage in conflict with one another. Some people prefer the outgoing, outspoken, personable characters, while others relate to the underdogs or the quiet, introverted competitors who take their time establishing themselves. Fans outside the Bigg Boss house frequently form groups based on their favorite contestants, just like they do inside the house.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Bigg Boss is a show about extremes, and it is here that viewers get the chance to genuinely discover and push their personal boundaries. You would hardly ever find yourself putting up with mirch, masala, detergent, rubbish, and other insults in the real world merely to try your patience. Where else, after a day of exerting yourself physically and emotionally, would you endure waking up to loud music at eight in the morning? The show may help viewers discover their greatest selves, but they also may change them in ways they never anticipated. Additionally, they are only one meltdown away from tipping the balance in either direction.

Drama is a given when individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, preferences, ideas, and temperaments are compelled to live together. The voyeuristic human mind enjoys these scenarios, just as they wait by the side of the road and watch two strangers fight when arguments, insults, and fights break out. This is a change from their usual routines. a change from the routine. a chance to act out scenarios while standing in front of mirrors or in the shower and think about what they would say or do if they were discovered in a setting comparable to Salman Khan’s home.

Drama always results from forcing people with different backgrounds, cultures, likes, dislikes, philosophies, and temperaments to stay together. The voyeuristic human mind loves to revel in these scenarios, just as they stand on the sides of the road and observe two strangers fight, as arguments, insults, and fights ensue. This is a deviation from their typical life. a diversion from the routine. An opportunity to act out scenarios in front of mirrors or in the shower and think about what they would say or do if they were found in a similar situation inside Salman Khan’s home.

The anticipation for Salman’s Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, which are nothing less than Judgment Days, is shared not only by the participants but also by the audience. Bollywood’s Bhaijaan is renowned for not holding back when speaking. He has been hosting the show for years and is experienced in dealing with various personalities. He would chastise the select few whose conduct may not have been the best of the best, while a select few would take pleasure in his approval and admiration.

These factors significantly contribute to Bigg Boss’s enduring appeal. But perhaps, just perhaps, people enjoy seeing the small quarrels just as much as they enjoy witnessing someone overcome all odds to reveal their best, most vulnerable, and most powerful selves.

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