Bharti Jaffery Passed Away: Ashok Kumar’s daughter Bharti Jeffery passed away, Nandita Das expressed grief

The Death of Bharti Jaffery Bharti Jaffery, the daughter of Ashok Kumar, has passed away. She had had a protracted illness. She was also an actress in movies. She has also performed in numerous movies. The film business is in a mournful mood as a result of her passing.

Bharti Jaffery

Bharti Jaffery, the daughter of the late actor Ashok Kumar, passed away on Tuesday after a protracted illness. As Nandita Das provided information, she recalled one of her. Really going to miss Jaffrey. The passing of Bharti Jaffrey has also shaken the film industry. She had talent as an actor.

Bharti Jafri was described by Nandita Das as “a really vivacious woman.”

According to Nandita Das, “Bharti Jafri was a very vivacious woman.” I’m sorry she’s gone. Kanwaljit Singh and Anuradha Patel resemble family and friends. We were immensely loved by Bharti Ji. On my birthday, she always sends something. congratulated me and brought me some souvenirs from her travels. She will be greatly missed. She was a gifted actress as well.

Hazar Chaurasi Ki Maa is one of the movies Bharti Jaffrey has appeared in.

Bharti Jaffrey has appeared in movies including Saans, Daman A Victim of Marital Violence, and Hazar Chaurasi Ki Maa. She wed Hameed Jaffrey, brother of Saeed Jaffrey. His daughters are Anuradha Patel and Roopa Verma, Preeti Ganguly, and Arup Ganguly. Bollywood is experiencing a wave of grief in response to Bharti Jaffrey’s passing. Her family has also experienced grief since her passing.

Ashok Kumar appeared in numerous movies.

Bharti Jaffery

Actor Ashok Kumar worked in movies. He had a long career in movies. At the box office, his movies broke all previous records. Actor Ashok Kumar is regarded as timeless. He has directed numerous movies in addition to appearing in numerous Hindi movies. His daughter is named Ashok Kumar. Jafri was immensely cherished by Bharati.

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