Bachelor’s Clayton Echard Reveals He’s ‘Not Looking to Date’ After Susie Evans Split: ‘I’m Not Mentally Healed’

traveling alone! After his breakup with Susie Evans, Clayton Echard talked openly about his dating life, and the former Bachelor admitted that he isn’t quite ready to fall in love once more.

Clayton Echard

“At the moment, I’m not looking to date. Echard, 29, stated in an interview with E! News that was released on Thursday, October 6, “I’m not mentally cured. I find it impossible to imagine seeing somebody in that light at this time. I believe I’m really just using this time to concentrate on myself. I cannot allow anyone else into my life if I am not healed.

Right now, I’m not looking to date. In an interview with E! News that was released on Thursday, October 6, Echard, 29, said, “I’m not mentally cured. “I can’t even imagine seeing somebody right now in that light. Therefore, I believe that I am merely using this time to concentrate on myself. I cannot allow anyone else to participate in my life until I am healed.

Evans later reappeared in the two-part finale of the ABC series after leaving it, but she rejected Echard’s final rose and went home alone.

The pair said they had rekindled their romance on the After the Final Rose special. Evans admitted to host Jesse Palmer at the time, “I loved him as a person before I ever fell in love with him.”

In an effort to make a long-distance romance work, Evans and Echard stated earlier this month that they would be relocating to different states. But shortly after moving, the couple made a break-up announcement.

Following their breakup last month, the retired athlete revealed on Thursday that he and the beauty queen had “checked in” with one another. He noted that the twosome had a special understanding of one another because of their shared time on The Bachelor.

“At the end of the day, we understand that our experience is unique compared to everyone else’s. So, we’ll probably be one of the few individuals that truly comprehend each other in that regard,” he added, adding that despite calling it quits, the two are still “on good terms.”

Echard said, “I believe that’s a really beautiful position to be where it’s not a hostile ex situation. We certainly will always respect and have a love for each other. We just want what’s best for each other, and who knows what it looks like, but it’s more like we’re extremely kind and caring people.

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The two acknowledged that a reconciliation is still a possibility during an emotional talk on the “Off the Vine” podcast earlier this week, despite Echard’s statement to E! News that he doesn’t know whether he could put his “trust and full identity” in someone else’s hands again.

The Missouri native told presenter Kaitlyn Bristowe, “We’re not going to say there’s not the potential, but there’s still a lot of sorrow that came from the entire circumstance itself that, I think, we can both say we are kind of far off from recovering from right now. “More time is required. The damage is still too recent, whether that’s been three, six months, a year, two years, or whatever.

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