At the OTTplay Awards 2022, Sara Ali Khan and Karthik Aryan’s friendship was more talked about than the winners.

JNN. Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan were pictured together at the OTTplay Awards 2022: On Saturday, the OTT Play Award was held in Mumbai. On award night, prizes were given out in a number of categories for movies and web series that were available on the OTT platform. The event attracted a lot of famous people. Among them, Sara Ali Khan and Karthik Aryan received the most attention. In addition to both, there are some videos that have gone popular on social media in which some fans are shocked to see Karthik and Sara together and others are overjoyed that their favorite pair, Sartik, is back together.

Sara Ali Khan and Karthik Aryan's

At one point, Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan’s relationship had garnered a lot of media attention. when they were both co-stars in the Imtiaz Ali movie Love Aaj Kal. The movie, however, failed to do well at the box office, and shortly after that, rumours of their breakup began to circulate. After that, the couple was rarely spotted together. The most recent footage of them both going popular on social media in this situation has left people wondering what is going on and if they have rekindled their friendship. Both are shown in the video sitting next to each other and engaging in extensive conversation. Watch Kartik and Sara’s popular video here.

Kartik Aaryan got the Best Actor Award at this year’s OTT Play Awards 2022 for his role in the Netflix movie Dhamaka. Sara Ali Khan received the Breakthrough Performance of the Year Award concurrently for her work in the movie Atrangi. Sara applauded and congratulated Karthik when he was announced as the winner of the OTT Play Award 2022. The actor from Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 followed suit once Sara was given the honour.

Sara Karthik was lost in one another!

Karthik Aryan appears to be pretty dapper in the video wearing a black suit and tie. Sara Ali Khan, on the other hand, looks incredibly stunning in a golden off-the-shoulder sequin dress. While the award ceremony is the focus of everyone’s attention.

Sara Karthik was observed encouraging one another.

Let us inform you that Karthik Aryan’s experience at the OTT Play Awards 2022 was extremely unique. Sara applauded Karthik after he received the Best Actor Award for the movie “Dhamaka” during the show. The joy on Karthik’s face when Sara Ali Khan also won the “Breakthrough Performance of the Year” award during the ceremony for the movie “Atrangi Re” was also worth observing. Additionally, he was seen wishing her the best.

Karthik received this honor

Karthik Aryan won Best Actor at the OTT Play Awards 2022, and Sara Ali Khan, who played his “Girlfriend,” won Breakthrough Performance of the Year. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan.

Defining video

In actuality, a video of Sara Ali Khan and Karthik Aryan has gone viral on social media. This clip is from the OTT Play Awards 2022, where both celebrities are seated next to one another and engaging in extensive conversation. Karthik Aryan can is seen speaking to Sara while holding a prize in his hand in the video. Sara is also taking in Karthik’s conversation at the same time and is

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