Watch this video to hear what Babar Azam had to say about the toss before the championship game at the 2022 Asia Cup.

Today’s Asia Cup 2022 final will pit Sri Lanka against Pakistan (Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan). By a margin of five wickets, Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan in the final Super-4 game. In this tournament’s Super-4 round, India was defeated by both teams. The Sri Lankan team will strive to take home the championship for the sixth time. The Pakistani team will take the field at the same time to compete for the title.

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Asia Cup

The Pakistani squad has benefited greatly from this competition: Azam Babar
A video was broadcast via the Pakistan Cricket Board’s official Twitter account prior to the championship game. Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, talked about his recollections of this competition in the video. “This competition has been very excellent for the Pakistan team,” stated Babar Azam. This time, there were a lot of solid matches. Many Pakistani athletes gave outstanding performances. Player of the Match awards has been given to specific players. Babar continued, “I am really fortunate to be the captain of a squad that has advanced to the Asia Cup final.

Tossing is going to be crucial in this game: Azam Babar

Babar Azam said, “I hope the last match will likewise be nice,” in reference to the decisive game. It won’t be simple, though. He continued, “The toss is going to be crucial in this game.

It has been seen thus far in the Asia Cup that the teams that have won the toss and chosen to bat in the second innings tend to prevail. The weather, the pitch, and afterward the dew are all very important factors. The second innings’ wicket also improves for batting. The second innings batters, therefore, have the advantage.

The Asia Cup 2022 championship game between Pakistan and Sri Lanka will take place on September 11 at the Dubai International Stadium. The final game of the 2022 Asia Cup will feature the teams of Pakistan and Sri Lanka going head-to-head. At the same time, Pakistan’s skipper Babar Azam made a significant declaration prior to this decisive game. According to him, the teams who bat first and chase runs after winning the toss will win the Asia Cup in 2022. The toss will therefore be crucial in the championship game.

We are fortunate to have made it to the final: Azam Babar

The Asia Cup 2022 has featured some excellent encounters, according to Pakistani captain Babar Azam. This tournament has had its ups and downs. The captain of Pakistan said, “We are quite thrilled after making the final. Different players have become Player of the Match.” Babar Azam continued, “I have a really talented team, and we are fortunate that we have advanced to the final.” Naseem Shah’s six-ball victory over Afghanistan was a tremendous occasion, according to Babar Azam, who also stated that it was not anticipated that the match would be so tight.

In the championship, the toss will play a crucial role, according to Babar Azam

Babar Azam responded to the Asia Cup 2022’s championship game. He added that we would strive to play better cricket in the final and that he hoped it would be a good game. According to the Pakistani captain, the teams that choose to bat after winning the toss typically go on to win the Asia Cup. The toss will therefore be quite significant. According to Babar Azam, the toss, the weather, the pitch, and afterward the dew also contribute a lot. Additionally, it is simpler to bat in the second inning.

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