Anjali Arora Video: Anjali Arora fell in love with an ‘addict’, was seen dancing fiercely, watch viral video

In a video that Anjali Arora posted on Instagram, you can see her dancing in her forthcoming music video, “Diljale.” The unique aspect is that she portrayed a Tawaif in this video. is the person who performs for cash. In the video, her inebriated boyfriend intervenes to stop her and also gives her cash.

Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora and Vishal Pandey will be seen in the song Diljale

In the video, someone is seen robbing Anjali Arora of her money while she dances. The teaser for Yeh Kahani Mein Nasha Hai Pyaar Hai, Dhokha Hai, and Diljale has been published, wrote Anjali Arora and Vishal Pandey in a post sharing the video. Comes on September 23rd, Song. In just two hours, Anjali Arora’s video received more than 31,000 likes. While the video has received more than 886 comments. Comments like “Can’t wait,” “Nice teaser,” “Amazing,” “Super duper eager,” and “Just amazing” have been left on the video by numerous viewers. such as remarked

Anjali Arora and Vishal Pandey’s love story is visible

Anjali Arora and Vishal Pandey’s love story is genuinely depicted in the video. The part of an alcoholic was played by Vishal Pandey. As a dancer, Anjali Arora plays the part. Fans of Anjali Arora enjoy her video. I am seen. Thousands of comments are being made on this at the same time.

Anjali Arora became very famous with the song ‘Kachcha Badam’.

In part because of the song “Kachcha Badam,” Anjali Arora rose to fame. As a result of this, she received a lot of attention on Instagram. As a result, she was given the chance to work on Lockup Season 1, and she is now featured in numerous music videos.

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