Anjali Arora On Save Cow: Anjali Arora appealed to save the cow mother from the lumpi virus, saying, ‘If there were dogs…’

A post has been published on Instagram by Anjali Arora. She has pleaded for help to protect Gaumata from the lumps virus with this. She published a picture. This image depicts a man and his two cows. can

Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora wrote, ‘Save Gaumata from Lumpy Skin Disease’

It is our job to protect our Gaumata from Lumpy Skin Disease, Anjali Arora commented on the article. It should be mentioned that Rajasthan has the worst epidemic of the Lumpi virus and that there have been hundreds of dead cows discovered there. Additionally, significant efforts are being done to protect kids from this illness.

Anjali Arora often shares her dancing videos

Anjali Arora is a prominent user on social media. She frequently posts her dancing videos, which are viewed by millions of people. In addition, her videos are widely shared. Recently, Anjali Arora appeared in a music video. Vishal Pandey played a crucial role in this music video in addition to hers. Both are featured in the song Diljale.

Anjali Arora has 11 million followers on Instagram

On Instagram, Anjali Arora has 11 million followers. She converses with her admirers frequently as well. Additionally, she was recently spotted in the well-liked Lockup Season One. She came in second place. Viewers of the Anjali Arora video Comment in public.

Anjali Arora and Vishal Pandey’s love story is visible

Anjali Arora and Vishal Pandey’s love story is genuinely depicted in the video. The part of an alcoholic was played by Vishal Pandey. As a dancer, Anjali Arora plays the part. Fans of Anjali Arora enjoy her video. I am seen. Thousands of comments are being made on this at the same time.

Anjali Arora became very famous with the song ‘Kachcha Badam’.

In part because of the song “Kachcha Badam,” Anjali Arora rose to fame. As a result of this, she received a lot of attention on Instagram. As a result, she was given the chance to work on Lockup Season 1, and she is now featured in numerous music videos.

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