Anjali Arora: Anjali Arora got trolled as soon as she bought iPhone 14, people said – soon she will cut ED’s affair

The “Raw Badam” craze Anjali Arora frequently makes the news for various reasons. Sometimes it’s about the relationship with Munavvar, other times about new music and images. Whatever the cause, Anjali Arora has gained millions of followers recently. Every day, she shares brand-new images as well as information about her upcoming album. Some people express their approval of their pictures and videos, while others voice their disapproval.

Anjali Arora

Another video of Anjali Arora is now being released. Since the video was posted online, internet users have been mocking Anjali once more.

Anjali got trolled for buying iPhone 14

Actually, Anjali Arora has a video that has surfaced. Anjali is displaying the iPhone 14 in this. She appears to be enjoying herself, and the paparazzi were able to capture this on tape. However, it appears that social media users do not appreciate their happiness. People are viciously making fun of him. She will shortly visit the ED, and even she is being informed of this.

People gave different reactions

‘Wholesale ka business is,’ a person commented on Anjali’s iPhone video. Another person added, “Just showing off,” at the same time. In addition, supporters are responding in various ways. Some claim that Anjali made a significant sum of money from the video, while others assert that her celebrity is a result of her dancing in the song “Kachha Badam.”

MMS went viral

A few days ago, Anjali Arora’s MMS was exposed. Although he had made it apparent that he was not in that video, the issue involving him has not yet been fully resolved. After the MMS becomes popular, he occasionally receives trolling over it.

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