An appeal was made for the help of $ 150 million for Pakistan which was ruined by the floods, only got about 40 million dollars

Numerous nations from across the world have offered their assistance in the wake of the horrible destruction brought on by the floods in Pakistan. A recent shipment of necessities other than food was sent to Pakistan by a chartered jet from Nepal. Google has also donated roughly $5 lakh to Pakistan. In the meantime, the floods have damaged nearly 4,000 homes and 300 kilometers of highways in the last 24 hours. Antonio Guterres, the UN’s director general, recently traveled to Pakistan and flew over the devastated regions. He then referred to the situation as really awful and pleaded with the rest of the world to aid Pakistan. He had said that aiding Pakistan would help to lessen the issue.

Pakistan floods

According to UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Julian Harris, $ 160 million in funding was requested from the international community to aid Pakistan, out of which $ 150 million is believed to have been delivered as a result of promises made by various nations. More than $38 million has been raised through this campaign thus far. So far, Pakistan has requested assistance from roughly 7 different nations. America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, Nepal, etc. are among them. According to a statement made on behalf of the UN, this fund will help with the flood victims’ health care needs.

According to Harris, more than 6 lakh people have been affected by the floods in Pakistan. These people need aid first and foremost. At the same time, the Pakistani government estimates that this flood has had an impact on around 33 million people nationwide. The United Nations’ appeal period runs from September 2022 to February 2023. On behalf of the UN, the Pakistani government has also been urged to limit the recipients of the aid. Additionally, it has been stated that it is crucial to keep the spending of this sum transparent. The UN has urged the Shahbaz government to establish such a facility under its oversight so that it can be verified that it is in the correct hands.

So far 1140 people have died due to floods in PAK: PM Modi expressed grief over the situation, India can send help soon

In Pakistan, floods and landslides have already claimed the lives of 1140 people. About 3 crores 30 lakh people are now without a place to live. On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed his sorrow over the natural tragedy that has struck the neighboring nation. There are currently claims citing media reports indicating that the Indian government may soon provide aid to Pakistan for humanitarian reasons. Although this has not yet received an official announcement.

Modi hopes the situation will improve soon,

On Monday, Modi posted on social media, “I am saddened to witness the situation. Floods have caused immense havoc in Pakistan.” My sympathies go out to the families that were impacted by this. I hope things get better soon and return to normal.

According to recent media reports, the Ministry of External Affairs is now seriously considering aiding Pakistan. But the government hasn’t yet made any statements in this regard. Sending aid to Pakistan is reportedly being discussed in light of the prime minister’s remark. About this, an announcement can be made soon.

Pakistan seeking help from the world

  • Foreign diplomats gathered last week at a summit that Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had organized. Sharif had asked for assistance from these ambassadors in this while providing details on the predicament and flooding damage.
  • On Tuesday, these diplomats met with Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistan’s minister of planning. Iqbal asserted that Pakistan has lost more than $10 billion as a result of the floods. The nation’s infrastructure has been decimated to a degree of 40%.
  • America and Europe have provided some assistance to Pakistan, but not enough to make a difference. China has not yet supplied any assistance, only announcements.

Pakistan will take vegetables and food items from India

All of Pakistan’s crops have been devastated, according to Miftah Ismail, the country’s finance minister, and a food shortage is imminent. We want to import food from India, including veggies.

After the 2005 earthquake and the 2010 floods, India donated aid to Pakistan. The two nations have not had cordial relations since Modi took office in 2014. Jammu and Kashmir no longer possessed Articles 370 and 35A, thanks to India. Following this, Pakistan ceased all forms of trade with India. Only critical medications are imported from India at the moment.

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