5 Camping destinations you must visit in India for a soulful experience

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You can’t fully appreciate the setting and spirit of a vacation spot if you live in a hotel. You find it difficult to venture outdoors and study due to its opulence. Additionally, if you want to escape the busy sights and sounds of the city, camping is all you need. You can experience transcendence while camping by taking a stroll in the woods, dipping your toes in a stream, sleeping under the stars, waking up to the first rays of sunlight, listening to the chirping of birds, or simply breathing in the fresh morning air.

  1. Sonamarg
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Sonamarg in Kashmir is the best place in India for highland camping because it is surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks and has breathtaking views. Trekking to Thajiwas Lake, the Amarnath Yatra, hiking across Zoji-la Pass, visiting the roaring Sindh River, and exploring Himalayan lakes are a few enjoyable pursuits.

2. Rishikesh

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If you’re thinking about visiting Rishikesh for your holiday, you must engage in the thrilling pastime of camping out beneath a wonderful night sky filled with brilliant stars. Camping in Rishikesh is the best way to experience all the joys of camping because of the Ganga River’s unspoiled water and the abundance of flora and wildlife.

3. Assam

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Assam is one of the lesser-known camping jewels. Camping is very common in the Khasi Hills and the surrounding surroundings. It is breathtaking to go on a camping vacation to the Khasi Hills in Assam since there are so many opportunities to explore the caves, climb through the mountains, and take in the lush, green surroundings. The camps are incredibly wonderful, and you are welcome to participate in all of the available activities.

It is our sincere hope that our selection of the best camping locations in India would pique your interest. Why then are you still holding out? Go with your camping supplies in hand.

4. Jaisalmer

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Due to its geography and position, camping in Jaisalmer is something that one should do while the weather is nice. You will never forget the camel rides, ethnic cuisine, and traditional dances amid the huge Thar Desert. You will certainly be speechless while camping here as you take in the vastness and the starry nights.

5. Ladakh

PANGONG TSO LAKE Ladakh Places to Visit in Ladakh

Due to the serene and peaceful atmosphere of Ladakh, every visitor should go camping close to Pangong Lake. Other great places to camp in Ladakh are Tsomoriri Lake, Mystic Sangla Valley, and West Ladakh Camp. The region attracts many people due to the large variety of tourism activities.

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