25 original suggestions for Diwali house décor

For more fantastic Diwali decoration ideas, continue reading and scroll down.

With the arrival of the holiday season and the impending celebration of Diwali, prepare your home with tasteful accents.


This time of year, around Diwali, is when our artistic prowess really shines. We all work very hard, do extensive research, and attempt to purchase the best materials to spruce up the interiors of our homes in order to enhance the festive atmosphere of this event. In order to help you prepare your home with stunning decorations for Diwali, which is just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of unusual ideas that will spice up your interior design. For more fantastic Diwali decoration ideas, continue reading and scroll down.

1. Lanterns or floor lamps

The elaborate works of lanterns come to mind when we hear the word lavishing. Is it not? Without the finishing touch of elegant metallic lanterns or floor lamps, a rich residence is lacking. To make a statement, you may also choose floor lanterns or table lamps and set them next to your rugs or electric candles. Lanterns with a brass or copper theme that cast gorgeous shadows will give your house a distinctive feel.

Lanterns or floor lamps

2. The golden dashes

Adding golden accents throughout the house creates an elegant and opulent atmosphere for Diwali celebrations. In order to complement the neutral and natural-toned couches, spruce up your living room with features like golden jaali, printed wallpapers, or wall decorations that have some golden hue in them.

golden decorate

3. Revive the space with printed colourful rugs

A certain technique to combine the massive effects while bracing the vibes is with printed and vibrant carpets. These days, large designs are fashionable and make a statement while providing a visual delight for the eyes. For the Diwali celebrations, dashing dhurries will be draped across the area with traditional decorations.

Revive the space with printed colourful rugs

4. Flower power

Hindu customs have traditionally given flowers a prominent place, and festivities would not be complete without a hint of floral freshness. Prepare some flower chains, a lovely vase for flowers, or perhaps a dish for tea lights and candles.


5. Herby blend

Your home requires lively fragrance during celebrations too! You may DIY potpourri, add natural houseplants and floral arrangements to your room to increase its vibrancy, and its natural style will help you feel more connected to nature while bringing you all the delight.


6. Get creative with cushions

Cushions are not just for comfort; they can make excellent decor items. Cushions made of sequins, glitter, velvet, or beads can be embellished to draw attention to a particular area of the house.

Get creative with cushions

7. Stylish mirror displays

Oh, the wall mirror raises areas while giving the impression that the space is larger. Make your space Instagram-worthy by adding some lovely mirror decor to your wall.

8. Conventional pieces of artwork

The ideal technique to charmingly adorn your home is to use the walls. To create a gallery wall, think outside the box and add vintage art pieces, or just place some modern works on the wall. Your room is elegantly decorated with unusual patterns, daring color combinations, and textured walls in addition to priceless paintings and art galleries.

9. Deck the side tables with quirky water or smoke body for an ethereal charm

Decor items with a water or smoke theme are now popular and will capture the ethereal charm and look just lovely. A running water feature is also said to soothe your nerves and reduce tension while bringing peace to the area. Your Diwali decorations would benefit greatly from the inclusion of little portable water fountains.

10. Pouffes for the cosy ambience

Knitted poufs or ottomans may completely transform the look and feel of your room while adding a trendy, boho touch. Do pick colors that go with your concept, and if you want to dress your home up with more opulence and grandeur, you can choose patterns with an elegant printing.

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11. Pampas mania

Your balcony or foyer is festive-ready with neutral vases, pampas grass, and bamboo screens.

12. Big dangling light fixtures on the balcony

A fantastic idea to accentuate your balcony space is to hang a large statement light fixture from the ceiling. Use a variety of lines, circles, sizes, and shapes to draw the viewer’s eyes to a moment of awe.

13. Rows of bubble ceiling chandeliers for an elaborate entryway

An entryway should exude a warm, friendly, and stylish vibe because it is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. A wooden plaque that has been intricately carved into multiple rows of bubble chandeliers serves as a gorgeous backdrop to enliven your drab entrance.

14. Gold-tinted gallery wall

Nothing gives your house more character than a wall covered in lovely old photographs. Your visitors will be amazed by a wall that features a variety of family photos on muted, neutral walls. Make sure to choose straightforward, coordinated frames to add some flair!

15. The cluster of diyas and dim-lit ceiling bulbs

Put some candles, diyas, and flower petals in the center of your front doorway to make it more cheerful. Hang some lights from the ceiling to add some colorful, festive touches.

16. Paper garlands

Hanging colorful decorations transport us back in time! Paper garlands are a fun way to add holiday decor to your house and are relatively simple to make.

17. Mandala art or wooden signs

Paintings, posters, stickers, and stenciled messages and quotations with mandala patterns look lovely and convey a bohemian, friendly, hippy, and hallucinogenic vibe. Choose vibrant paintings or make-your-own art galleries to tastefully beautify your gallery.

18. Glittery strings ceiling

Hang strings of dazzling, heart-shaped 3D paper cutouts from the walls. For a sleek and adorable appearance, drape loosely fitting heart-shaped ribbons across the entire wall. This can add a dash of personalization and make the setting happier and cheerier.

19. LED balloons balcony

This is one of the creative ways to provide a wonderful and dreamlike quality to the walls. LED light balloons will bring an air of ethereal illumination to your Diwali celebration and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

20. A cosy corner with pompom

Pompoms and the traditional marigold embellishments evoke Diwali feelings. Pompoms and marigold flowers are inexpensive, simple to make, and can easily outshine a cozy nook in your house. For a cozier overall look, you can also add adorable floor mattresses, complementing rugs, and decorative pillows.

21. Pooja altar with Pastel drapes

The front of the pooja room can be decorated beautifully for this solemn event with white or pastel-hued drapes, a bouquet of white floral strings, traditional Indian hangings made of beads and pearls, and mirrors.

22. Foliage affair

Take the decorative earthen pots, add some flower petals, and scatter them around the room to illuminate the Diwali decorations.

23. Toran Hanging

Toran, a piece of traditional decor, can be hung on the front door to create a joyful atmosphere. You can experiment with various sizes and forms, and you can choose a vivid and colorful Toran to decorate your home during Diwali!

24. Mosaic Glass Tealight Candle Holders

These tealight candle holders are beautiful and gracefully accentuate the appearance. They can be arranged on surfaces including floors, tables, desktops, and even as dining room accents.

25. Paper Diya strings with fairy lights

This is one of the easiest, most straightforward methods for improving the look of your walls. To brighten up your home, simply string paper Diya strings and fairy lights on the walls.

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