National Cinema Day: Tickets are being booked in a hurry for Rs 75, you can watch these movies including ‘Brahmastra’ and ‘Chup


The 23rd of September is National Cinema Day, which is observed in theatres. Multiplexes claim that there is a lot of interest among the public, which could lead to a record number of reservations for September 23. the entire story. The Multiplex Association of India is commemorating National Cinema Day on September 23 by offering … Read more

Raju Srivastav Car Collection: Raju Srivastav owned luxury cars like Audi Q7, see his car collection


Raju Srivastav Car Collection, a comedian Raju Srivastava, a comedian and actor, died on Wednesday morning. He liked to drive costly, luxurious cars, and he owned cars like the Audi Q7 and BMW. Comedy and actor Raju Srivastava went away on Wednesday morning. Raju Srivastava Car Collection This has led to a nationwide wave of … Read more

Ashok Gehlot vs Shashi Tharoor: Congress President can get 24 years from non-Gandhi family, here are 10 important things related to it

shashi tharoor

Within the next three days, nominations will begin to be submitted for the position of Congress President. Several well-known figures have left their positions in the past year, which will serve as a backdrop for the election. Ghulam Nabi Azad, a senior leader, was among those who departed last. Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the … Read more

Amravati Pharmacist Murder: NIA gets 90 days extension to file charge sheet in Pharmacist Kolhe case

Amaravati pharmacist

Pharmacist Murder in Amravati On Tuesday, a special court gave the National Investigation Agency (NIA) 90 days to submit a charge sheet in the murder of Amaravati pharmacist Umesh Kolhe. The Investigation Agency (NIA) reports that eleven people have been detained thus far in this investigation. In the case of the murder of pharmacist Umesh … Read more

Naga Peace Talks: ‘Naga Peace Talks’ between Central Government NSCN-IM will resume in Delhi today


The core committee has been informed by the NSCN-IM that the group will pick up the peace negotiations if they are based on the framework agreement. Since 1997, the central government has held two different meetings with the NSCN-IM, and since 2017, it has spoken with the Naga National Political Groups (NNPG), which is made … Read more